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Updated: June 08, 2022

Hello Robert,

Thank you for the email reply... I have been a long time fan of Trendmasters (TM for short), and only collect their prototypes. I like to think of myself as quite the connoisseur of their toys, considering that is all I collect. I now have a pretty massive collection from many of their lines, from the unreleased Osmosis Jones line, the unreleased Godzilla the Series Animated line, the unreleased Godzilla Doom Island line, Godzilla unreleased Plush line, Godzilla the movie line, Shadow Raiders, Dexter's Laboratory, Casper the Ghost, Alien Hunters, War Planets, Tarzan, LIS movie, Voltron, Mars Attacks, unreleased HallowScream line, and the Battlefield Earth line.

You can even see this article that I helped put together with the people from Sci-Fi Japan, who approached me to supply all the photos, and a lot of the commentary on the unreleased Godzilla the Series canceled toy line, just to give you a better understanding of who I am in the toy collecting world:

Anyways, I decided to write to you, because I wanted to show you these extremely RARE white mock up prototype packaging of the LIS movie line, since I am pretty sure you most likely never saw them before. I have included 8 photos in all to show you, of Don West, Dr. Smith, John Robinson, Will Robinson, and the awesome LIS Battle Damaged Robot...

Let me first mention the Robot... This is the very same robot that was used for the TM 1998 Dealer Catalog. (I also collect TM catalogs, and have a number of those. Great source of visual reference). The robot is close to the final production piece, but has some slight differences in colors. In the photo included, I have made a pretty intense comparison photo of the catalog image and my prototype. You can clearly see they are the same exact image, apart from the lighting. There is some colors that I prefer more so in the prototype then the production piece, but the really unique thing about this piece is, it mistaken has the wrong sound chip in it. It actually has a sound chip of the evil uncles from Casper the Ghost laughing, when you push the button at the front of the base. I love stuff like that, because to me, it's indeed a true prototype: as a work in progress...

The 4 white mock up prototypes are also very unique. They came to me from Hong Kong and I really admire them. I also collect variants of TM prototypes, as it seems in most cases each and every one is somewhat different in some degree... I have in some cases, laid out the final production piece, for a comparison shot, even though I do not collect final production pieces in most cases. I thought it was the best way to examine the differences in these unique white mock up packages. The sculpts for the most part are the same, although there is some different paint jobs, giving the figures a completely different look then the final production pieces.

If you have any questions please let me know. If you would like to include any of these photos on your website, you are welcome to do that, as I have included my name as a watermark.

Thank you.

BTW, are your new prototypes by TM, or some other company?? If they are by TM, then I will definitely be curious to see the new photos you post.



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