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Updated: June 08, 2022

From Trendmasters Vault - Lost in Space Movie Prototypes:

Featuring: Major Don West

This is a pre production "Prototype", known as a 1st shot. First shots comes from testing the new mould. In truth... the very first piece out of the mould is not kept as it most likely do not fit together. This is a rare color combo of plastic and I only have one set. This series of figures are 4" tall.

Included is:

Major. Don West, his Rifle, Special Helmet, Pistol, Trophy, 1 Space Spider, and a never seen before ultility belt!

This belt was never released in any retail figure as they cancelled this accessory so you are probably seeing this for the first time here! The belt fits his pistol and rifle and also includes a space drill.

Value: $250.

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