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Updated: June 04, 2022

New factory sealed software for windows 95, 98, & ME or MAC 7.5 and up Warning Alien Approaching!! A broken warp gate, a hurtling swarm of asteroids, menacing space spiders just a few of the challange faced by the crew of the Jupiter-2 spacecraft. Kids go on five exciting space missions to find and reassemble pieces of the warp gate. Arcade-style games and puzzles combine with dynamic math drills as players blast space spiders, vaporize asteroids, guide the Robot through a lava field and zoom through space in the Jupiter-2.


Engrossing, arcade-style entertainment rich, 3D animation and cinematics challenging math-based games and puzzles critical thinking and selective problem solving activities 'Stats' chart lets kids and parents measure progress fun for older children and adults, too spider shoot-out hordes of space spiders are advancing on you from every direction. Save yourself and the warp gate module by using math skills to shoot the spiders as quickly as you can.

Asteroid Field - fire at approaching asteroids. Then use the numbers they contain to create simple equations. Shield power is limited, so move quickly.

Robot Maze - Solve math problems to guide you platinum plated pal through a lava-filled world. Conserve energy by using as few moves as possible.

Warp Gate - Good flying skills, math and logic will help you reassemble the warp gate.

Alien Corridor - Locked doors and menacing space spiders lie between you and a piece of the warp gate. Open each door by answering math problems and then, vaporize the spiders in the corridor.

4 Skill levels for each math type:

Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Fractions Decimals

Value: $20.

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