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Updated: March 12, 2023

On July 26, 2005 we received an e-mail from the LIS Props Yahoo group. Attached was a link to a "Jupiter-2 Playhouse". I have seen many fantastic fan-made items over the years here on the internet. But this folks beats all previous incounters. Mike Joyce at and his family had a fun project building a Jupiter-2 Playhouse. As you can see by the many photos, they had a ball making this replica J-2. Does it fly? Not yet, and there far from finish with this too. Fushion core lights will be added, and even Mrs. Joyce will be making silver spacesuits for the entire family for there mission into deep space.

This was truly a labor of love with the Joyce family, and brought many smiles and tears to my face when seeing these photos for the first time. Many thanks Mike, for allowing us to host your family project on our website. Hope to see more of your Jupiter-2 when ready for lift-off!

For additional info and photos on this project, please visits Mike's web page at,

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