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Updated: May 22, 2022

Received an e-mail on June 29, 2005 from Mark Dobzyn. Here is some helpful hints and tips regarding building and painting a Jupiter-2 kit.

I am working on a Lunar Models 16.5 inch Jupiter-2 kit right now. For the J-2 exterior color I used Krylon Chrome because it looks closer to the completely dried like aluminum color. Which is perfect. I also purchased the 16.5 upper lever full interior for it. Painting scheme is trickey. Although any beiges, tans, panzer buff may be used on interior wall beams. I used Krylon Dover white for mine to simulate the viewmaster look. As I keep on reminding Sci fiMetropolis the flooring was a medium brown color and the inner flooring was a sand / beige weird color. Once the lighting effect was done for the filming of LIS episodes the flooring reflected in the support wall beams colors. Hence an off-white wall appeared sand or a darker tan color. The flight deck was a pale celery light green color. This too, when filmed in a dark environment (closed set with star back ground appeared to be a much darker green color than what it actually was painted.

I haven't been able to match that color up yet. Astrogator was a very light flat sand color or off white color. Statis walls were either duck egg blue or a light flat or medium grey color. I also am installing a custom fusion core 8 sequencing chase lighting system in it. With an white light led's upper unit for bubble. And 6 white miniature led's for the interior lights. I had it custom made for this model. I am just putting the finishing touches on it and getting ready to glue the support walls and instrument walls in place.

Then, a final coat of dull cote to seal paint.

(*) Many thanks Mark for your valuable info and tips regarding the Jupiter-2. I for one have always wondered about certain colors and variations on this great spaceship!

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