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Updated: May 21, 2022

On October 16, 1997, the interstellar spacecraft "Jupiter-2" lifted off on an adventure to the stars. Shortly after launch, the extra weight of stowaway and saboteur, Zachary Smith, carried the ship into the path of a swarm of meteors and only a few hours later, thanks to the tampering of the good doctor, the Robot went berserk and sent the ship into an uncontrolled hyper-drive. When control of the craft was finally restored, the ship, it's crew and family were hopelessly "Lost in Space".

This partial front page newspaper prop comemorates the events of that fateful day that was the premise of Irwin Allen's timeless classic TV show. You know it! You love it! And no where else will you find anything as authentic looking. No where else can you find an item that both celebrates and validates "Lost in Space" in quite such a unique fashion.

Printed on real newsprint paper, the partial front page is 13 x 11 inches and matted in a big 16 x 20 inch glass and black metal frame suitable for immediate display. Partial stories with actual text round out the headlines, describing the day's events as the fateful journey of the Robinson family, Major West and Dr. Zachary Smith embarked on their journey to the stars. Now, this is a display item so popping the paper out of the frame to read the rest of the stories will lead only to frustration. But there's enough right here to create an authentic appearence and an entertaining read.

This fan made prop is truely a unique item that you will find no where else in the universe.

Value: $100.

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