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Updated: May 20, 2022

Photo Etched Freeze Tube Walls and Floors & Elevator Floor Enhancement / Replacement Kit for the Moebius Models 18" Jupiter-2 The problem the Moebius Models original kit parts are cast in clear and are nearly impossible to paint!

Now you have an alternative!

Etched brass Freeze Tube wall grills, Freeze Tube floor plates and Elevator floor plate.

You make use of the photo etch replacement parts by trimming, finishing and painting them and either placing them on top of the clear plastic parts or placing them on the model parts where they belong. The floor plates drop into their places and the Freeze Tube wall can be supported on the original model part.

Moebius Models 18" Jupiter-2 Brass Replacement Parts Kit comes with:

•The back wall grill work behind the "Freeze Tubes" •The round floor plates of the "Freeze Tubes" plus extras for that just in case moment. •The elevator floor plate •Fully illustrated instructions

Retails: $20.

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