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Updated: May 20, 2022

First season Jupiter-2 for MSFS-2004. Model by Ronnie Pendercraft. This is the first season model. Second season console has been removed, all upper deck equipment is modeled to the "Stowaway" ship, including the launch clock on the lower deck. Some of you very astute observers will notice the guidance ball section does not seem to match with Dr. Smith scene at the astrogator. The reason for this is that fox used the "Gemini 12, no place to hide" guidance ball shot for the "stowaway" scene when doing the mini tour with the Dick Tufeld announcer (this super spaceship stands 3 stories tall), and it is totally different when Jonathan Harris is trying to work the astrogator after lift-off.

We talked amongst ourselves and decided on the 'G12" shot because the Harris shot was only a few frames. I will be using this model for a few upcoming videos (reworked preplanis crash scenes using active cam) and a new "perspectives" video.

Rich Taylor

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