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Updated: December 05, 2022

This one of a kind Jupiter-2 was the prototype Jupiter-2 replica made by the Icons company. Molds were pulled from the original 4-foot miniature used from TV series. The Jupiter-2 was nearly completed, missing one computer console, view windows. The fusion core also needed some work, but did work with rotating lights. Interior lights also worked, with no interior developed. The clear plastic top dome was also inside the Jupiter-2, and was later added to it's respected place. This is the only prototype Jupiter-2 Icons ever made.

I obtained this Jupiter-2 from an x-employee of Icons that was owed money as with many others. This was a terrific Jupiter-2, and well worth $500. or more dollars if Icons ever stayed in business. I was personally contacted on this piece, and bought it to perserve and to protect this valuable property. Hopefully I can use or help Sci-Fi Metro or others in the near future when making the Jupiter-2 prop, or model available for the long awaited fans?

The last photo shown is the past owner of Icons, Jim Latta holding the Jupiter-2 prototype. Jim personally sent me this photo several years ago, as a thank-you., and to help generate interest and sales for Icons.

Value: $10,000.

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