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Updated: May 22, 2005

Robby the Robot & the B-9 Robot from Lost in Space 1960's TV in one-episode titled War of the Robots! Robby the Robatoid foiled by the Lost in Space Robot saves the Robinson Family. One Of Kind diorama! Very cool red planet-surface with some-purple!

Robby the Robot is modified with custom-arms hanging-out as seen in this episode & burst of blinkng blue-light in chest in handsome classic look flat-black & gloss-black. As Robby popular fame from the 50's classic sci-fi Movie Forbidden Planet here from Polar Lights Model kit. Now this Robby kit getting very difficult to find. Robby's chest-plate is the one from the TV-Lost In Space episode.

The B9-RoBOT has been heavily modified will not see this one 'anywhere-else' just by looking on his features extreme difference the parts used from the Polar Lights Kit are: bottom part-of-barrel, top of legs, collar, bubble etc. Other parts from robot-parts elsewhere: Arms & Cuffs, Neck, Sensors, Green-Curcuit -Board Power-Pak, Top-Shoulder section of Torso-Barrel, Platform etc! Can Twist B9 slightly at waist if desired. A most accurate B-9 Robot big with Lost in Space B9-Robot-fAns can see the difference results a more thicken look.

Also with blinking red-light in chest which also lights-up collar & barrel torso-vents. B9-Robot in First-Season Color-Scheme B+W TV-Series. Very-fUn! Very-Bright! Robots bolted-down secure not removable. Runs on 8 AA-Battery-Pak sits under display light-switch on-off left side of display-stand. The display -stand 8X10 inch / Red-Planet Surface BackDrop Approximate 9.5-inch Tall display / Robby about 7.75-inch tall.

Created by Jerry VonMueller of New York City!

Value: $250.

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