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Updated: July 24, 2018

Giant 16" Keeper Spaceship Ark! This is a custom build and only the 3rd in existence. This model was designed by an engineer who was fascinated with the functions he believed the artist had in mind. The legs have gears and can be folded up as seen in the photos for liftoff or adjusted to various levels for landing on an uneven planet surface. The main room section at the bottom can be unscrewed as it appears it was supposed to retract up into the body. The door on the main room opens and closes. It is an all PLA plastic model comes assembled and painted.

This is not an authorized model and just a fan inspired hand built and painted ship resembling the Keeper's ship, as such it is fan made art.

I also put a little soundboard inside for a chat from the Keeper about his birds. It is a tad muffled unless you tip the cap a little but the alternative was putting small holes in top cap and that would ruin the look of course. In any case it adds a toy element to it. The ship is 16 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Value: $250.

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