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Updated: January 18, 2019

(Tips on building a Lost in Space Laser Pistol)

If anyone would like to make their own, you will need the following parts. 1) An empty deodorant container. I used the type that is rounded on the ends. I think the Right Guard can works best on this project. 2) 1/4" Styrene "I" beams made by Plastruct Inc. You will need about 2 packs. There are five to a pack. 3) One pack of assorted sizes of rubber bands, these will be used to help form the ribs on top of deodorant container. 4) 15 minute epoxy cement. 5) One small empty adhesive tape spool. 6) One inch p.v.c. tubing. You can buy this at Lowe's. It comes in various lengths. 7) One half inch acrylic tubing. They can be purchased at any hobby store or aquarium supply store. 8) One package of .020"/0.5mm styrene sheets. You can find them at any hobby shop that specializes in radio controlled models. 9) Assorted parts from old model kits to be used as details.

I bought the blueprints from a vendor at a Comic book convention and traced out the shape of the pistol onto velum paper and then scanned it. I then printed it onto heavy cardstock so I could cut out the shape from the .020"/0.5mm sheets. After I had all the sheets cut out I began epoxying them together. After the epoxy dried, I used coarse, medium and fine grains of sandpaper to get the surfaces smooth. I am enclosing my own pattern if you want to use it. If you have any problems please send me an email:

William Wolod

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