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Updated: November 30, 2022

The Moebius Space Pod, I have to say that this kit is a wonderful kit, it is highly detailed down to the buttons and nobs tanks control yokes and some wireing as well. The Space Pod is very accurate to the prop that was used on Lost in Space. In assemblying the kit I broke several pieces glued others in places where they didn't belong all so I even had to take apart the whole left side three times because of misjudgement on my part. In doing that I had to use puddy to try and fill in the cracks. Where it was needed, I recomend that when assemblying this kit you paint the pieces first. The tanks in the interior you should glue first then paint, because it's hard trying to paint an oblong shape when its not stationary. Painting and assemblying started 7-13-08 ended 7-24-08 it never took me that long to assemble a kit. I guess there's a first time for everything. I just wish the instructions was better because if you're not at all familiar with the Space Pod or have any material you're in for some surprises, but over all the Space Pod is a wonderful kit and I am so glad that Moebius Models are manufactoring the Sci Fi kits that we loved and dreamed of having, Because there's alot more to Sci Fi modeling than Star Trek and Star Wars and I truly believe that Moebius Models is going to prove that.

Greg Whaley

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