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Updated: November 30, 2022

This is a custom designed full-color water-slide decal set for the Moebius Models Brand New Space Pod model kit.

These water-slide decals will help you detail your Jupiter-2 Space Pod vehicle model kit like a professional and have it looking like a studio prop! There will be minimal painting necessary if you use most of the decals, or you can paint some parts and decal others. I leave it up to you to build it however you wish.

The decal set includes some duplicate parts (for the occasional screw-up) and options to allow you to duplicate, fairly accurately, the actual studio Space Pod prop as seen on the 3rd season of the TV program "Lost in Space". This is not available in local retail stores! This is a fully licensed, copyrighted product!

Note: This is not a cheap, incomplete set of decals for your model. This is an extremely detailed full color complete set of decals designed for the professional and amateur modeler, allowing them to do some basic surface painting, and then most of the rest of the model building part is applying these decals! This set is designed to be highly accurate, and even features some alternative optioinal decals and a few duplicates of the harder ones allowing you to assemble the Space Pod of your dreams, with all the detail you deserve!

There are decals for almost every surface on the model, from the outer ermergency-exit hatch to signs warning of radiation and the Alpha Control logo.

Buy yours today and amaze people with your modeling skills! Turn your model into a museum-quality prop! Detailed full color instructions are included.

Retail Value: $16.

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