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Updated: November 30, 2022

From Irwin Allen's televison history classic 60's series: Lost in Space ~ newly just-built commemorative-Robots diorama.

One of a kind four different verisons rounding-out the series. B-9 Hero Robot / Anti-Matter Robot / Golden-Boy Robot / Deep-Space Stunt Robot.

* B-9 Hero Robot details: Enhanced radar neck-section / power-pac: with / green-border. chest-plate top two-buttons drilled-out inserted clear-buttons which Lite-Up & red-chest-lite. Cuffs-enhanced more realistc & highlighted brain details & head can turn!

* Anti-Matter from Robot episode: Anti-Matter Man. Beautiflly painted & chest light is green / green does not show well in photos.

* Golden-Boy Robot episode: Cave of the Wizards. Amazing gold-paint & details / white-light in chest.

* Deep-Space Tunt Robot: Mainly in these episodes: Condemned of Space. Also In Anti-Matter ManA episode & Junkyard in Space. Close-Up photos on two scratch-built power-pac for: Stunt-Robot & Hero-Robot. Blinking-lights in all the Robots: With on-off switch back of display stand.

Runs On 8-pack AA-batteries & battery-pack sets Under display-platform. Display stand 11 x 14 inch & 1.25-inch deep / Robots stands approximate 8-inch tall. Back-display 9 x 12-inch & approximate 1.25-inch deep with outer space scene. Scene much blacker lighting does not show well. Display-platform & back space-scene-board made of plexli-plastic. Robots & back-display space scene are securely screwed & bolted-down.

Modelling Artist: Jerry VonMuller

Value: $400.

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