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Updated: April 27, 2019

This very rare resin kit was issued in Japan in the 1970's. This is the only kit I have ever seen on this! I purchase this item in 1998 at the San Mateo antique & collectible show. I have no clue where the Japanese came up with the name, "Friday" on this item? Maybe, the show aired on Friday nites in Japan back in 1965-68?

I would like to thank, "Sunny" at Time Traveler Antique Toys & Collectibles in Culver City Calif. for this great item. These guys have been great with me in finding rare items for my collection over the past few years!

(*) Update: The term "Robot Friday" came from Robinson Crusoe-his assistant was named Friday. So the Japanese adapted the name.

Value: $400-Up

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