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Updated: September 16, 2022

A nicely painted and electronically 12" lit replica of the iconic Jupiter-2 from the classsic cult TV show, "Lost in Space". It has a realistic metal airbrushed paint job, and rotating lights in the fusion core in the bottom and in the dome on top, and the widow has a backlit scrim with a geometric scrim design, very much like the ones on the shooting miniature. It looks very impressive when hanging from a ceiling. You can view a quicktime movie of the lights in action at:

I am not a professional model builder, just an enthusiastic amateur. I bought this a few years ago already built and painted for the Dewey Howard Fusion Core and Dome light kits, even though the build was bad and the paint job awful. Over time I stripped off the old paint, and airbrushed her with several coats of Model Masters Buffable Metallizer paint, when I hand buffed the hull it came out in a nice matte metal finish that makes it look very realistic. I made the scrim by hand, and epoxied three fishing swivels inside the hull, fishing line runs from them thru 3 small drilled holes in the hull to a metal ring for hanging. You could easily remake your ownflight harness with fishing line or wire to make it hang where and how you want. The top of the hull lifts off easily for access to all the lights, light switches and the batteries. The fusion core lights run off one battery, you can adjust the rate the lights revolve. The light for the windows and scrim runs off 2 AA batteries, and the dome chaser light runs off common hearing aid batteries forever. You can light the fusion core with a handy button on the bottom of the J-2, the switches for the window and dome light are inside the interior. She'll come to you ready to display out of the box, with fresh batteries installed, all you have to do is turn on the lights and hang her on her hook. I'll also include her landing gear, I thought she looked better without them, but you could add them if you liked with a few drops of superglue.

Dewey Howard quit making the light kits a few years ago, and they are very scarce these days. This is a great looking and dynamic replica that would brighten up any room it hung, it certainly is an attention getter, even non-sci-fans recognize that familiar silver saucer with her spinning engine lights! Would liven up any LIS fans home, and would look great in a bar or store, especially at night!

Value: $350.

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