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Updated: January 30, 2024

This is a Franklin Mint Heirloom collectible sculpture of the B9 Robot from the classic TV series, Lost in Space!

This is a limited edition and is numbered A5548. The numbering is done individually in 22-carat gold. Franklin Mint produced these in 1998 and limited the run to 95 days. The Robot is hand assembled. The registration is by Space Productions and the product is licensed by New Lines Productions, Inc. When a button on the base is pressed the following words boom forth, "Alpha Control! Come in Alpha Control! This is the Robot. We appear to be Lost in Space. Please help! .. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Censors indicating an alien intruder! Warning! Warning!" As the word are spoken a red light on the top of the Robot flashes. The voice of the Robot is the same voice that was in the series, actor Dick Tufeld.

The base the Robot sits on is reminiscent of Will Robinson's ship, the Jupiter-2. Take a look at how the legs of this item look like little landing legs! Some serious design went into making this piece. What a fantastic collectable! The Robot takes three AA batteries. A original glass dome is included as well as a certificate from the Franklin Mint.

Value: $200.

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