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Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is the model that every Lost in Space fan has been dreaming of since producer Irwin Allen's classic television series made its debut on CBS on September 15, 1965!

An accurate large scale version of the Robinson family's spaceship, Jupiter 2. The completed model is a hugh 18" in diameter with a full upper deck interior which replicates the 20th Century Fox standing set in unbelievable detail. This project is available with Season 1, 2 or 3 colors and detail modifications. Landing gear is available in your choice of "deployed" or "in flight" modes. Full LED and Fiber Optics lighting options are also available. Model is powered by batteries with all wiring and switches contained in the lower hull. Power switches will be concealed in the landing gear wells so that they will not be visible.

Basic build-up: $500.00 + Shipping:

(Jupiter 2 model kit is not included in this costs listed below. We have a limited supply in stock.) Basic build-up is a straight "out of the box build" with no lighting or upgrades included. Any of the available fusion core units can be easily installed. Hulls on all of our build-ups are painted using automotive lacquers interior color scheme is accurate to the series All models are built with no visable seams or imperfections corrected Space Pod bay doors on lower hull.

Full build-up: $875.00 + Shipping:

The following features are included:

LED lighting in freezing tube bases LED lighting in elevator platform LED lighting on main radar control panels Space pod detail behind space pod bay Interior overhead lighting White 32 LED multi function / speed fusion core circuit Top dome lighting Landing gear well lighting Replaced clear red "gyroscope" Simulated illumination on wall beams

Deluxe built-up: $1250.00 + Shipping:

Deluxe build-up includes options listed above plus the following features:

Photo-etched brass upgrade kit

Aftermarket decal set

Fiber optics in overhead freezing tube panels and communications station

LEDs & Fiber optics in main flight control panels

Fiber optics in airlock control panel, space pod control panel and cabin pressure control

Illuminated "Gyroscope" beneath General Alarm

LED lighting behind freezing tube walls and main circuitry panel Scratch built inside airlock wall, speaker and control panel

Ultimate build-up: $1500.00 + Shipping:

Ultimate build-up includes options listed above plus the following features:

Set of painted Robinson Familiy figures installed in freezing tubes or Season 3 Figures

Blinking and static fiber optics of accurate colors installed in communications panel

Blinking and static fiber optics of accurate colors in 3 main radar control panels

Blinking fiber optic in overhead freezing tube panels

3 scratch built B-205 computer cockpit units with blinking fiber optics

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