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Updated: September 05, 2022

"This is the latest Jupiter-2, Polar Lights 12 inch Prop Replica from the Kit Factory. This version incorporates lighted Landing Gear Wells, sequenced computer "matrix" effects on the Main Computer Wall, and the Front Command Console. The Saucer is displayed on a unique Diorama Stage recreating a desert-like Planet surface, with real rock Crystals to add "Alien Pillars" to the overall theme. The Saucer has a fully lighted and detailed interior, and exterior Dome and Fusion Core revolving lights. The Hull is metallic Stainless with subtle weathering effects to add realism and dimension. More of this build and quick-time movie clips of the lighting in action, can be seen at the website. This is the seventh upgraded version I have produced in the last 4 years.

Check out the site when you get a chance, got a very expensive Polar Lights 1/350th USS Enterprise Refit build presently in production, that incorporates real Laser emitters in the forward Phaser Banks, and a lot more stuff no has done yet.


Simon "Papa Smurf" Mercs

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