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Updated: August 22, 2005

Here's the newest Jupiter-2 version from the Kit factory, check out the pics! Put this in your reader/diorama gallery if you wish, a very decked out PL Jupiter-2 with a Lot of Lighting goodies. Fully hand painted and detailed Interior. Exterior airbrushed in stainless steel and a flat seal was applied. Illuminated Control Panels, Fusion Core, Upper Dome, Core Control Panel, Environmental Control Panel, Astrogator, Exterior Landing Gear Illumination as well!

Some nice re-entry markings and weathering as a totally clean Silver J2 makes me retch, sorry it just does. The local paper is doing a story on my li'l FX shop for the Sunday Edition. I want to show a few items we actually do here. Also, notice the actual glow, on the bottom of the elevator to simulate existence of a lower floor section.

Hope you like these, it's a pretty nice build-up!


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