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Updated: June 30, 2004

"This is my latest version of the Polar Lights Jupiter-2 Spacecraft. The 12 inch diameter prop comes with fully lit upper Dome, Fusion Core, Internal Control Panels, Console Lighting, Astrogator Lighting, Cabin Lighting, Stasis Tube Lighting, and all are controlled by 2 internal switches and a 9 Volt and 2 AA power supply.

The electronics are top quality and will last many years. The power drain is minimal so batteries will last a long time. The interior is hand painted in very close detail, using reference material of the real prop as a guide, and the exterior is Airbrushed in the correct Hull color. No weathering on this one, showroom clean. This is a stunning piece in dim lighting but is fully visible in full light. This version has the front seats removed to afford a better view of the interior. I use after-market seats that are accurate and remove the very bad seats Polar Lights uses.

If you would like to see more great pictures of this unique prop, just click on the link to "The Kit Factory" that Uncle Odie has graciously provided."

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