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Updated: June 12, 2005

Custom built 12-inch Jupiter-2 from Polar Lights Model Kit With Upper & Lower Interior-Levels and With lights in power-core circular-core- pattern. The power-core lights on this ship circular-pattern unit alone cost $89 now price increased over past years.

Shell top lifts-off to view upper & lower interiors. As you can see from photos Very nicely done nicest have seen built-up on interiors etc great piece of history. Power-core lights run on 9-volt battery & switch for two-speeds on lights. Two-switches are located hiddened on black part of leg-well section close-up pic to show a swtich / one-switch runs lights other switch controls the two-speeds for power-core.

Model Builder: Jerry VonMueller of New York City.

Value: $325.

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