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Updated: July 31, 2022

This is a hand sculpted and hand painted figure by artist Brian Davis of Ocala Flordia. The sculpture is made of polymer clay. The figure stands 20.0" high. Now, this is how I would built / paint the Giant Cyclops! In keeping with the original costume design from the classic TV series, I always felt the Aurora / Polar Light kits were missing something on this monster. Having fur around the Cyclops face adds much to the realism of menacing creature. I also felt the body was someone boring, seeing the original costume was made of Palm Tree bark. Brian captures the Giant Cyclops at it's very best, and one of the best sculpture diorama's ever made.

The Giant Cyclops was introduced in the first season on Lost in Space in epiosode #4 "There were Giants in the Earth" which originally aired on the CBS TV Network on 10/6/65. I never personally understood the title on this episode either? Giants in the Earth? Wouldn't it sound better if it was called, Giant's on Earth? How could a Giant Cyclops be inside the Earth? If the Robinson's were on an alien world, this would not have been Earth?

Value: $300.

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