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Updated: August 03, 2022

This is my favorite kit in my collection for many reasons. It was my 1st kit back in the summer of 1997, when I met model builder David Gutierrez. This resin kit is yet another model from Lunar. When doing this kit, I wanted David to make the spider as real as possible. I wanted hair added to the spider for that special effect look. After many attempts, the hair just wasn't cutting it! (Ha! Ha!) We came up with an idea of using feathers, which is just the look I wanted for this kit.

David also added two mini figures of John & Maureen Robinson's in the mini Chariot. This scene was from the two part episode of "The Keeper" starring Michael Rennie as the Keeper. The giants spider prop used for the chariot scene was a marionette puppet. If you watch this episode carefully you can see the strings being pulled up on the spiders legs!

"I wonder if this prop is still around today? Yes! I would pay a King's ransom to owe it!"

Value: $500.

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