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Updated: July 30, 2022

Aurora Lost in Space Giant Cyclops and Chariot Diorama, customized with season 1 costumes by Gemini Model Built-Up Studios:

This project is a companion piece to my previous Aurora Lost in Space cyclops project with season 1 costumes. This one portrays the Robinson figures modified with the colorful velour planet fatigues worn in the series second season.


The Cyclops really needed very little modification and was built straight from the box and hand painted in various shades of brown. Color photos and film clips of the Cyclops from the pilot were used as reference material. Darker washes and drybrushing in several lighter shades brought out the details. Finally, clear gloss was added to the teeth and eyes to bring him to life. The bottoms of the feet were filled with epoxy putty so that it could be attached to the rock base. A small hole was drilled at the bottom of one foot and a short length of thin aluminum tubing attached with superglue.


The base is molded in two parts to eliminate the gap on each side, epoxy putty was blended and small rocks were glued into place to cover any imperfections. The large cliff on which the monster stands was painted with various earth tones. A darker oil wash was applied and then the piece and drybrushed in various lighter tones to simulate the outdoor filming location at Red Rock Canyon.

Because the finished piece is extremely large and fragile, it is difficult to ship without damaging the figures. I decided to make the Giant and Robinson family figures removable. First, the 2 locator holes in the top of the cliff were filled with putty and sanded smooth. A small hole was drilled in the proper location to accommodate the figure. Small holes were drilled into the base with a pin vise where the Robinson family figure will be located. Another small hole was then drilled in the bottom of the foot of each figure and a piece of thin brass wire attached.Uusing this method, the model can be safely shipped and easily assembled by the client.


The Chariot is well sculpted and looks very close to the vehicle used on the series. The body was assembled and the seams were puttied and sanded as usual. Thin strips of styrene were used to build up the front and rear window frames as well as the front sides which were sanded off while doing the putty work. After priming, the chassis was painted in gunmetal grey. Dull aluminum was used for the canopy section with several thin coats of automotive lacquer with a clear top coat. The small details such as ladder rungs, luggage & racks, lights and wheels were all hand painted. The solar collector was detailed with a small piece of bright aluminum foil. The final detail for the Chariot was the graphics. The original pale green decals supplied with the kit are not very accurate so I chose to replace them. Artwork from my files was reduced it to the proper size and printed on glossy hotographic paper. The artwork was then cut to their proper shape and glued to the canopy. Finally, the Chariot was placed on the completed base and dark earth toned tread marks were painted on the ground behind the vehicle.


The most challenging part of this project were the modification of the figures from the spacesuits into the 1st season outfits. The figures were assembled and all necessary sanding and putty work done. The clothing detailing was replicated using thin strip plastic and epoxy putty. It was an extremely time consuming process, but I think the results were worth the effort. The faces were airbrushed using acrylic burnt sienna acrylic. When dry, various flesh tones were applied. Finally, the eyes and facial details were hand painted and the rest of the figures were painted and detailed using the proper colors.

Order Information:

The cost of this project is $200.00 plus shipping. Modification for 1st or 3rd season is also available. For any comments or questions regarding this or any other project, please e-mail me at: or visit the website at:

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