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Updated: July 24, 2022

Issued by Polar Lights in 1999. The B-9 Robot was a reissue from the Aurora kit #418 in 1966. Polar Lights made a bigger base, and added a new figure of Dr.Smith wearing his parka and holding a laser pistol. Many thanks to, "David Gutierrez" my model builder for another great kit well done! Also thanks to "Rick Ratto" for an updated version of this cool LIS kit. Rick did a white wash paint job on the B-9, which gave it a totally different appearance. The Newest addition to this series comes from, "Glenn Rodriguez" of Brookfield Illinois. Glenn goes by ebay user name "The Big Kahuna" which is a clever ID nick name in which he uses when selling his items for auction. I met Glenn also on eBay, and now we are working together to add even more great diorama's to my collection and our website. "Welcome Aboard Glenn! "A great kit to build and paint!"

Danger Will Robinson! Polar Lights retooled the original Aurora Robot molds, making them more accurate and added a great Dr. Smith companion for the bubble-headed boobie. In September of 1965, Lost in Space made its debut on the CBS television network. This new adventure show was introduced to America at a time when the whole country focused on space exploration. In addition to the space family Robinson and a stowaway named Dr. Smith, the show featured the Robot. The Robot was an enemy turned friend of the Robinsons. Polar Lights brings back memories of the Lost in Space series with its Robot model kit. Model Kit Includes: All plastic pieces to complete model. Pictorial instructions sheet describing assembly. 1:12 scale model comes unbuilt and unpainted. May be painted to match illustrations. Glue and paint are required.

Also featured here is yet another special diorama verison. This is a super model kit from the 1960's hit TV show Lost in Space. The kit has been brought to life by a pro painter. Dr. Zachary Smith looks so real. Color detail from head to toe as is the B-9 Robot. All on a custom base as they stand on a planet from some strange new world in the solar system. The back drop is all done with painted oils, so it's gives it that realism feel to it. Took over a year to complete!

Many thanks to, John Jankowki on this item!

Who doesn't remember, 'Danger Will Robinson, Danger!' Now the Robot B-9 is back, this time in a Polar Lights model kit with Dr. Zachary Smith. Officially licensed by New Line Productions, Inc., these characters are based on the classic 'Lost in Space' TV series. Dr. Smith is an original sculpt, in his first model kit release. Dr. Smith and the Robot B-9 are created with exceptional attention to fit, trimand finish, and are crafted from the finest quality materials. This 1/11 scale styrene model kit comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instruction sheets.

Many thanks to, "Simon Mercs" for updating this page and item on his recently model building work on this great kit!

Value: $30. (Kit) Diorama's $250.

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