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Updated: July 22, 2022

Hand built diorama for Polar Lights Robot B9 and Robby the Robot kits. Robots are professionally built up and the diorama is made from scratch materials and copied meticulously from film cells of the scene in the classic "Lost in Space" 3rd season episode "The Condemned of Space" where the two Robots "meet".

The LIS Robot is accurized please note the bubble lifter has been corrected and the claws/arms are corrected as well. Robby also has his fire extinguisher that he weilded in the episode. The diorama is constructed from sheet plastic and back lit with standard holiday Christmas lights.

Diorama built / painted by Richard Cirivilleri of Hollywood, California. See mhis yahoo photo site for more pics, as well as some examples of his other work. Just click on the Robot Diorama album. The link is here:

Value: $600.

WOW! Thanks, Robert!

I'm flattered beyond words! I've been exploring your fantastic website all day! What a treat for a lifelong LIS fan! I also have to say I'm really enjoying reading your reviews of the various episodes. Very Concise! "Welcome Stranger" and "My Friend, Mr. Nobody" outstanding reviews.

Thanks again!

Rich Cirivilleri Hollywood, California

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