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Updated: July 24, 2022

Built-up Chariot from, Moebius Models with added display stand. The Chariot color-scheme after the classic first-season Black / white Television series. A more retro-look with display-stand wWhich is 7 x 5-inch dimensions. Chariot 1:24 scale approximate 10-inches long / Chariot is not permanent to display. Doors open only on right-side of Chariot as per photos and with no curtains / hate the curtains look too-plastic shower curtains or as then it looks like a toy.

Made Chariot canopy clear on small-model looks more Sci-Fi and open to see interior details. The doors on this kit To make-open became tedious as pegs too short. One of the faults of kit so this time went with what would work.

Still displays beautifully and recommend to keep doors closed to dust-harzards! B-9 Robot in back commanding his post with two laser-rifles back left corner.

Created by, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $200.

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