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Updated: July 25, 2022

This is a custom designed full-color water-slide decal and detail set for the Moebius Models Chariot model kit recently released! A water-slide decal / detail set that is essential when building the Moebius Models Chariot! These water-slide decals will help you detail your Jupiter-2 Chariot model kit like a professional and have it looking like a studio prop!

This is not available in your local retail hobby stores! This is a fully licensed, copyrighted product! Buy yours today and amaze people with your modeling skills! Turn your model into a museum-quality prop! Detailed full color instructions are included. Everyone who has seen these has been amazed! You get custom designed decals for the following:

The Upper Dashboard! The Lower Instrument / Engine Gauges! Custom wheel details to make the model look even more like the studio prop! Left-hand speaker console and right-hand optional speaker console! Bumper radiator grill! Lower (under bumper) radiator grill! Robot Model B-9 face-plate (its really almost too tiny to paint)! Optional Infra-Red Scanner screen (must be partially scratch-built from template to use)! Infra-Red Scanner controls!

Retails: $30.

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