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Updated: July 24, 2022

Here's an update on some projects. Here's a shot of my completed laser tank form Space 1999 and a scratch built moon buggy. The tank got a certificate of merit at this year's Wonderfest, and also the trophy for best Gerry Anderson inspired model. I'm real proud of that.

Next is a picture of a scratch built glider and escape pod from Space 1999. These were built to scale with the Replica's Unlimited 23 inch Eagle. Now we have a scratch built Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea diving bell and mini sub. These are to scale with the Monogram Flying sub. The bell is made out of a ping pong ball and the mini sub from a piece of plastic tubing.

Here's a picture of my workshop. Notice several Jupiter-2's sitting around waiting for attention. The larger one is a 4 foot fiberglass casting, just like the original filming miniature. The smaller ones are Sci-fi Metropolis 2 foot hulls. Next are a few shots of the 2 foot Jupiter-2's built up.

And last we have a few shots of the prototype Sci-fi Metropolis 1/6 th scale LIS Space Pod. Please pardon the red primer, it kind of jumps out at you. Also, some close ups showing some of the details. When I get the final paint on it, I'll send some more pictures.


Bill Early

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