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Updated: July 05, 2023

Graphic art box which once contained the complete 1966 Mattel "Lost in Space" Switch 'N Go' playset. Many of these playsets were sold by Sears and delivered in a plain, brown cardboard box marked only with Sears and Mattel part numbers of the playset. This playset came in the fully illustrated toy store version of the playset box which was meant to visually promote the playset.

The complete playset contains the following items:

The "Chariot" ( space tank ) with accessories. Airpump, ten pieces of hose track, silver air-trigger, two silver "Y" switches, one yellow "T-connector," one yellow "cross over," three yellow "Y" connectors, and a black plug. All the figures Will, Maureen, Prof. John, Penny, Don, Bloop, Judy, & Dr. Smith. Instruction booklet, cardboard background scenery tunnel and three cardboard space monsters, two firing missles, jetpack with wire, and the "Jupiter-2" spaceship.

( * ) Note: We continue to update this rare toy with new photos, we had to start a new photo gallery here! On June 21, 2012 a crack chariot, and box also damage with wear was up on eBay. In poor condition this item had 54 bids and selling for $1,125.00. This was the first "I've seen on the display box for the chariot with great art graphics!

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