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Updated: October 12, 2023

Mattel 1966 Space Productions. Gun consists of two main hard plastic pieces which can be assembled into larger rifle or used as stand-alone weapons. Gun has red viewing scope, whistle attachment and launches "Roto-Missiles," ( saucers ). Originally came with 3 saucers. Assembled size with both gun units in place is 20" long. Larger of two units has foil sticker with Mattel logo and "Lost in Space / Roto-Jet Gun" on one side of barrel while opposite side has detailed simulated controls. This unit produces a loud pop when trigger is pulled and known as the "pistol" while the smaller gun is the "Roto-Launcher." When the smaller unit is connected to the front of the larger unit, it forms a sub-carbine and when reversed, forms rifle. Slightest traces of wear.

Comes in original 7.25 x 13.5 x 4" deep plain cardboard box. This is the Sears mail-away catalogue item, not the store version which came in illustrated box. Comes with original instruction sheet with black / white illustrations. One of the top "Lost in Space" items ever made!

Value: $2,500.

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