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Updated: July 15, 2022

Here are the photos of the first 3 production action figures. They include Dr. Smith, John Robinson and The Keeper. We have had an overwhelming response to the first 3 figures! It took a little longer to get these to the fans than I wanted to, but as you can see the wait was well worth it. We paid very close attention to the characters likeness on these.

I have had nothing but positive responses to the customers that have received their action figures (yes they are shipping to customers). The most asked question seems to be "which figures will be released next?" The answer to that is as follows;

2nd release _________________ Maureen Robinson Don West Judy Robinson Penny Robinson Verda IDAK

3rd release ________________ Will Robinson B9 Robot

The 2nd release is being tooled now and we should start taking preorders soon. These will all be released at the same time. Will Robinson and the B9 Robot will be in the 3rd release along with a special run of figures to be announced a little later.

The Jupiter-2 kits will start shipping shortly. The first 50 kits are just about done, were just finishing up on a few laser cut pieces. I will include a photo of one of the new build ups.

I have also been asked by quite a few customers if they could purchase product from ScifiMetropolis or did they have to go through a retailer. Apparently most of the fans didn't know that my online store is is the manufacturing side of my company and Robot Factory is my retail side of the company. I will be carrying merchandise on my Robot Factory site in addition to the Scifimetropolis product lines. As a matter of fact I have several other vendors that we are setting up right now to showcase on the Robot Factory site."

Thanks, Norman Sockwell Sci-Fi Metropolis / Robot Factory Norman Sockwell

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