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Updated: July 13, 2022

The toy that was a hodgepodge of details but perfect for a futuristic ray gun. To make the Lost in Space hand laser pistol, the prop makers used a Remco toy gun. They made only a few alterations to produce an intelligent weapon for the crew of the Jupiter-2 to carry. Starting with the barrel, the blunderbuss tip is stock as it came with the original toy. The propmakers added the apple coring ring to the front. Moving back, we come to an instrument lamp lens and holder. This was added to the top of the gun about 1/8 of an inch behind the part where the barrel joins the main body. Slightly back on the original toy gun body were a few nondescript lines. In this area is where they added the ribbed rectangle part. Finally it was painted your basic black which worked because a darkish weapon looks like it means business.

So own a piece of Lost in Space history and keep it as is or modify it as the prop makers did to create your own Lost in Space laser pistol. The 3 pics show the toy gun modified and what the gun looked like on the show.

Value: $150.

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