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Updated: July 05, 2023

Issued by Remco in 1966. There were two revisions done on this toy. Including a new design box and artwork. The helmet included a ray gun to make the toy more interesting for kids to play with. It is known that three different color helmets were done being, blue, greenish blue, and white. The white one is very rare to find.

On 09-12-03 I saw this vintage toy on eBay. Shown here is a original toy box that Sears shipped to a catalog customer. They used the original box, and placed warning and customer address label directly on the toy box. This is the first time "ever" that I've seen a toy sold by Sears mailed out in this manner? Amazing the toy didn't get damage during shipping? "Thank-You United States Postal Service!"

Value: $2,000-Up. ( 1st Version ) $1,500-Up. ( 2nd Version )

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