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Updated: July 13, 2022

I am very proud to showcase these early "prototype" figures based on the original Lost in Space TV series. What Trendmasters started, we will finish! These very early designs feature new character dolls from Sci-Fi Metropolis (

Since receiving these images, several changes have already been made, and retooling of sculpturing of several of the faces for better likeness. The figures shown are, John Robinson, Anti-Matter John Robinson, Major Donald West, Anti-Matter Major Donald West, Dr. Smith, The Keeper, Idak, Maureen Robinson, and the B-9 Robot which is still being revised.

The set will consist of action figures measuring about 12" tall and retailing around $50. each. Other alien creatures will also be made rounding out the set. In addition, all the LIS characters will be made for all 3 seasons, with different figures and costumes. Action figures will be displayed in awesome new exciting graphic box art. Under 500 figures will be produced and made in the USA.

(*) Special thanks to Norman Sockwell and Winston Dunlop for this prototype figures, and these great early photos on these figures!

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