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Updated: July 08, 2022

Now these are really cool! I saw these on eBay on 2/5/11. Fan made., Lost in Space Megos figures.

Let's talk about these shall we?

Major Don West is a real Shazam Mego Head on a Classic TV Toys body. All the outfits are hand made, and was a real pain to make! I can relate to the good old Dr. on this topic. Prof. John Robinson is Classic TV Toys head on a Dr. Mego body. Maureen Robinson is Mrs. C. from Classic TV Toys. One of her legs needed duck tape around the knee. Penny Robinson is on a Dr. Mego body, but it needed to be fixed. Judy Robinson is a Classic TV Toys custom. Will Robinson is a Classic TV Toys Leon Rock style body on a custom Robin head. Finally, Dr. Smith is a Classic TV Toys head on a real Mego type one body.

Value: $200. (Set)

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