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Updated: July 07, 2022

Just released in 2003 Lost in Space 33 1/3 Collectible Record Album. It's Factory Sealed and Imported. Finally Released in a small quantity after nearly 40 Years. Album has great cover art and is Volume one of a two volume item. Music composed by John Williams. Album based on music featured in The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen. At the time it was made Lost In Space was one of the most ambitious TV science fiction projects ever undertaken. What makes Lost In Space so interesting for soundtrack aficionados is that future Soundtrack supreme John Williams (known at the time as Johnny Williams) was responsible for the score.

Most people will be familiar with the rousing Lost in Space main title theme before the album kicks into key excerpts from the episodes The Reluctant Stowaway, Island In The Sky and The Hungry Sea all composed by John Williams. In fact, Lost in Space marked the last time that Williams would ever write such a substantial library of work for a TV series. Soundtrack experts will notice many comparisons with Bernard Herrmann's scores from The Day The Earth Stood Still. Lost in Space is a fascinating log of John Williams early work, long before he made his mark with classics like Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Essential for serious soundtrack collectors! Side one 1 Lost in Space Main Title 2 Smith's Evening/Judo Chop / On The Pad / Countdown 3 Escape Velocity / Robot Control / Meteor Storm / Defrosting 4 The Weightless Waltz 5 The Monster Rebels / A Walk in Space / Finale Side two 1 Suiting Up / Stranglehold / The Landing / Search For John 2 Tractor Play-On / Electric Sagebrush / Will is Threatened 3 The Earthquake 4 Chariot Titles / Farenheit a Go-Go / The Chariot Continues / Sunstorm 5 Morning After / The Inland Sea / Land Ho / Strange Visitor 6 Lost In Space End Title.

Value: $40.

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