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Updated: April 21, 2023

Issued by the Ben Cooper Company in 1965. The costume consisted of a silver suit with the "Lost in Space" logo Jupiter-2 and pistol printed on it. The plastic mask was a common NASA costume used for other Halloween space costumes. This costume is quite rare, seeing that the costumes would normally get ripped and soiled after the kids went "Trick-or-Treated" all nite. The mask would crack or split after just one use.

(*) Update: The Ben Cooper Company also resold these costumes through the "Color Brite" Company, using a different box art. There were two different mask issued as well. A NASA Astronaut, and a more detail mask with additional colors added to strike in interest in young boys wanting to wear the costume.

We have also added the original "Astronaut" costume that was also sold during this time period, so you can compare the two Halloween costumes. There are rumors that a Dr. Smith and B-9 Robot costumes were made. To date, there is no evidence that they were ever produced.

Value: $1,000-Up. (Mint in box unused)

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