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Updated: December 04, 2022

Lost in Space original comic artwork "When Worlds Collide" part 2 page 5 pencils and digital inks by El Garing, hand coloring by Andy Walker.

Back in late 2020 I was asked to be the color artist for Legendary Comics' upcoming graphic novel Lost in Space: The Ultimate Collection for the second part of When Worrds Collide written by Richard Dinnick. I was sent the black and white printed artwork of comic artist supremo El Garing and asked to add color to his excellent inks by hand. This is page five of part two of When Works Collide; a highly collectible piece of Lost in Space comics memorabilia!!

The artwork is signed by Andy Walker, the colourist!! Digital black and white ink colored with thinned acrylics on watercolour paper. Size of artwork: 190 x 292mm.

Value: $200.

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