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Updated: April 17, 2022

These beautiful litho's were commissioned by "Light Speed Fine Arts" in Laguna Hills Calif. This limited edition of 995 was advertised on the "Lost in Space" marathon on the Sci-Fi channel in 1997. The 7 living cast members signed the litho's including the artist "James Cuhr" and were being sold for $600.00 Unsign litho's were offered for $300.00. Light Speed also released a litho on the "Lost in Space Movie", as well as a duel smaller litho print of both. The Company had plans to have the movie actors also sign the litho's but plans were later changed due to actors other confits over shooting schedules, that made this nearly impossible at the time these were released. Very few original cast litho's were sold with June Lockhart as well. She was charging over $200.00 for her signature, Jonathan Harris was $60.00, and the remaining cast was $20.00 each. If you have one with the complete cast, consider yourself lucky. There was also talk of a special litho being done on the Robot B-9 and honoring actor Bob May. This idea has been placed on hold for the time being. Write or contact "Light Speed Fine Arts" and let them know you want this collectible artwork released in the near future. Your feedback is very important, and can make a big difference for this ever being done!

About the Artist: James Cukr

James Cukr is a professional artist based in Colorado. Over the last few years he has been painting science fiction art for posters and lithographs.

Value: $1,000-Up (For signed Litho) Value: $200. (Unsigned) Value: $100. (Smaller duel print)

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