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Updated: July 17, 2023

Mark "Catman" LaFrance is a 53 year old Artist / Baker from Massachusetts. His fascination with art and the "Jupiter-2" began at an early age, when he used to teach himself to draw "Flintstones" characters sitting in front of the television in the late 60's. After discovering "Lost in Space" he began constructing his own "saucer" models out of cardboard, tape and silver spray paint. Forever a fan of the show and it's collectibles he took his passion for its beautifully crafted space saucer to a new level when in 2015 he began experimenting with photo apps on his smart phone to create the crash, liftoff and space flight scenes he had always imagined as a kid, and brought them to life. For him this "hobby", his artwork, is a labor of love, which he freely shares with those of similar interest.

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