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Updated: April 13, 2022

This portrait of Marta Kristen as Judy Robinson is actually two portraits. It's based on the first season "Attack of the Monster Plants" episode. The one where Judy was duplicated by one of the monster plants. So that's the real Judy asleep (?) in the plant, and the larger head / portrait is actually the duplicate Plant Judy! Her hair has plant-like roots, and she has green eyes to suggest her plant origins.

Wooo! Scary!!!

To get reference images for this drawing, I used "as seen on TV" freeware to do some digital screen grabs from the season one DVD collection. Judy asleep in the plant was an obvious choice, and easy enough to locate and sample from the episode. And the large head is from the scene where Plant-Judy tries to stop John and Don in the chariot, when they are firing on the Dutronium-crazed rampent plants. I actually used a couple of differnt close-up shots of Marta's reaction when John realizes she is not the real Judy.

These Frame Grabs, are then printed on my Epson printer, and used as reference when I am drawing. This was drawn using only four different Prismacolor colored pencils on Canson dark blue colored art paper. It is 12" x 12" in size.

MJB / Mike Walters

Value: $250.

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