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Updated: January 28, 2018

The Jupiter-2 was the central spaceship in all variations of Lost in Space. It became Lost in Space, along with its crew (usually the Robinson Family) There are several versions of the Jupiter-2.

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Jupiter-2 from the Lost in Space TV Series Jupiter-2 Full Size Mock Up- a giant Jupiter 2 prop which represented the ship occasionally on the show. Gemini-12, the ship from No Place to Hide, the TV series's unaired pilot. Footage of the Gemini-12 was frequently used to represent the Jupiter-2 Jupiter-2 from Lost in Space: The Animated Series Jupiter-2 from the 1998 Lost in Space movie Jupiter Mother-Ship from the 2004 unaired tv pilot, The Robinsons: Lost in Space Jupiter-2 Podship from the 2004 unaired tv pilot, The Robinsons: Lost in Space

While they all share similar features, each Jupiter-2 is very different. While the version from the series is generally considered canon, each new incarnation of Lost in Space features their own, distinctive design. The new series, announced in 2014, will presumably feature a Jupiter-2 spaceship, which apparently resembles the original, but updated.

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