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Updated: April 08, 2022

"The Reluctant Stowaway" Anton M. Leader Shimon Wincelberg September 15, 1965

In the year 1997, the Robinson family leaves Earth in the Jupiter-2 space ship to colonize Alpha Centauri, but Dr. Zachary Smith, working as a saboteur for a foreign government, rigs the environmental control robot to destroy the ship's control systems within hours after take off. Events lead to Smith being trapped aboard the doomed ship, which encounters a meteor storm and veers light years off course. Soon, the Robot becomes active and does further damage before it can be stopped. Later, Professor John Robinson tries to fix the ship's sensor systems but must go outside the craft to perform the repairs. He becomes untethered and his wife Maureen goes out to help him.

Guest stars: Dick Tufeld (Voice of TV Commentator), Don Forbes (Second TV Commentator), Hal Torey (General), Byron Morrow (Lt. General Squires), Hoke Howell (Sgt. Rogers), Brett Parker (Security Guard), Ford Rainey (The President) Note: This episode is the first regular pilot of the series. It was nominated in 1966 for, but did not win, an Emmy award for special effects.

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