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Updated: February 21, 2022

I just saw this item posted on eBay when I got home from the "Guy Williams" event in Hollywood. The auction had the opinion to "buy it now" and the auction ends. I did just that on this great piece! Cartoon cells are no longer made and painted by hand today. They are now computerized, making these very collectible and rare.

As you know, June Lockhart was the famous mom in the Lassie series in the 1960's prior to Lost in Space hitting the airwaves in 1965. This original cartoon cell is hand signed by Mrs. Lockhart, and is in beautiful condition. I believe "Hanna-Barbera" did this cartoon in the mid 1970's and aired on the ABC network on Saturday mornings? The Adventures of Lassie rings a bell to me on this one?

I purchase this item on 8/5/01 from H.R. Collectibles in Rowland Heights California. Also features here is an original Lassie Rescue Ranger's animation cel from Filmation studio's. Measures 30" x 10.5" and dated 1980.

Value: $300. (Each)

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