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Updated: February 23, 2022

Actress June Lockhart as Maureen Robinson. "Biography"

A native New Yorker, Maureen Tomlinson was born in Brooklyn in 1958, the second daughter of James & Margaret Tomlinson. Maureen's father was the founder & owner of Tomlinson Engineering Corporation, a large firm famous for its aircraft navigation system designs. Maureen inherited the brilliance of her father, & her parents enrolled her in a private school catering to the needs of gifted children.

But other than her obvious intelligence, good looks, & benefits that came with her family's affluence, her life was a normal as any other child's. Maureen left her job 1985 to be a full-time mother & housewife after the birth of Penny Robinson in September. Penny arrival would soon be followed by Will's in February of 1987. After spending most of her life living in the Los Angeles area, Maureen moved with her family to Houston Texas, where husband John Robinson had taken a job working for Alpha Control.

Naturally, there have been times where she has regretted the decision to put her family in a position of danger by going on the space mission, & when they first became Lost in Space, she was in favor of returning to Earth rather than risking going further into space. But while she has been reluctant to risk danger to the Jupiter-2 crew, she has on a number of occasions faced such danger herself. Overall, she has proven to be an excellent choice for the mission.

(Info obtained from the Alpa Control Reference Manuel by William Anchors & Gary Stork 1988)

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