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Updated: February 21, 2022

TV Guide Cover Portrait 1969 Petticoat Junction CBS Jack Davis June Lockhart with other cast members of the series.

TV Guide related promo photos from mostly from the 50s, 60s & 70s, but also some 80s and 90s. color ones are usually labeled TV Guide cover portrait and most Black / white ones are usually not labeled as such. Some were issued that were not actual TV Guide "covers" but still the same size and format and these can be as rare or rarer than the Cover Portraits because they were issued in smaller amounts. These were called "specials", according to people I have talked to who worked for TV Guide or the printer.

These deluxe photos were never sold to the public but were promo items within the industry and were sent to select TV stations and key industry people etc. All of them measure in the 16 x 20 inch range. Also the color ones say on the back "Eastman Dye Transfer Print". This process no longer exists and was very expensive at the time.

Info I have obtained from 2 people, one who worked in an East Coast regional office for TV Guide and another who worked for Charles P Mills (1978-1986 and by then called Professional Color) who did the Eastman Dye Transfer prints indicates that these were produced in quantities of around 100 or even less due to the expensive nature of producing them. By the late 70s, they cost Mills $150+ each to produce an 11 x 14" print (the prints were 11 x 14" and matted to be 16 x 20"). At the time, it was a state of the art process and the photos never fade.

Value: $400.

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