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Updated: February 14, 2022

Space Academy was a live-action sci-fi children's television program produced by Filmation that originally aired Saturday mornings on the CBS television network, from September 10, 1977, to December 17, 1977. (Repeats ran on and off until 1979.) A total of fifteen half-hour episodes were made. The program starred veteran actor Jonathan Harris, best known as Dr. Zachary Smith of Lost in Space; co-starring were Pamelyn Ferdin, Ric Carrott, Maggie Cooper, Brian Tochi, Ty Henderson, and Eric Greene. The program also featured a pint sized robot called Peepo, a radio-controlled machine, voiced by Erika Scheimer (credited as "E.C.S.") through a vocoder.

Guest stars included Lawrence "Larry" Dobkin, Dena Dietrich ("Mother Nature" in Chiffon Margarine TV commercials of the 1970s), Dallas McKennon, and Howard Morris.

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