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Updated: February 10, 2022

Halloween is truly my favorite holiday of the season. It's when everyone can be free, and be a kid, specially the parents. The innocents in the youngsters in there one nite costumes are priceless. Halloween eve started with some bad weather and some slight rain, but it cleared just in time for the cold breezing night to follow. The kids started coming to the door around 5:30 Pm and nearly non-stop until 10:00 Pm. We had over 150 kids in attendance on this annual event. It still surprised me the amount of people that remember Dr. Smith, Lost in Space, and the (John Williams) music I was playing during the evening.

The costumes were great as always, including a cool spaceman with air tank on his back. But the best of all costumes, was that of a high school kid. He came up to the door with two friends of his, I asked him what he was suppose to be? His reply was, "White Trash" wearing a white garbage can for a costume. This was a true one-liner, and brought laughs to me and my parents.

The evening ended when my parents and I going to a house decorated like Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. It included a Pirates ship with fighting mates on deck. A ghostly graveyard, and Skeleton Marionette puppet show. People were lined up down the street to get a brief show of the performers.

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